South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

The Broward County court system can be overwhelming and even intimidating. If you face the possibility of being accused of a crime, contact an experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyer as early in the process as possible, preferably even before questioning or investigation. As a leading South Florida criminal defense attorney, we will fight for your legal and constitutional rights. We defend those accused of misdemeanors and felonies in Federal or State courts. At the Lauriston Law Firm, we are aware of the everlasting impact criminal charges have on our clients. Once you become a client of our firm, we are accessible every single day for all of your questions and concerns. We do not guarantee results, but you can be assured that we will fight aggressively for your rights.

Lauriston Law Firm, a leading South Florida criminal defense attorney firm,  handles criminal matters in both State and Federal court including the following areas:

Traffic infractions, Traffic criminal, misdemeanor, felony, and juvenile offenses including:

  1. DUI defense
  2. DWLS
  3. Reckless driving
  4. Drug charges
  5. Sealing & Expunging
  6. Theft & burglary charges
  7. Fraud charges
  8. Assault & battery charges
  9. Violation of probation
  10. Restraining orders
  11. Domestic violence and much more

If you or someone you know has been arrested or has a criminal charge, consult with an attorney immediately. Remember you have certain constitutional rights. You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. You should only discuss your case with your attorney. Each person’s case is different. Before deciding what to do about your criminal charge, contact our office. There may be serious consequences to discuss with your attorney. Specifically, if you are not a U.S. Citizen, it is very important to contact an attorney to discuss your criminal charge and the possible consequences you may face. The attorneys at Lauriston Law Firm will review each charge on a case-by-case basis to advise their clients accordingly.

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