How to Make the Best of a Shared Custody Arrangement

Written by Cynthia Lauriston on July 19, 2015

Quality Time with your Kids Shouldn’t be a Battle Divorce is never easy, but when children are involved you’ll still have to be in contact and make arrangements with your ex. With so much to figure out, shared custody can easily become an emotionally charged and heartbreaking situation. Who will take primary responsibility for the […]

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The ABC’s of the Personal Injury Process

Written by Cynthia Lauriston on June 10, 2015

What to Know About the Personal Injury Process in Florida In the legal field, the term “personal injury†(“PIâ€) refers to any harm suffered by a person due to the negligence of another person, property or product. Whether you slipped and fell, got bitten by a dog, or had a car accident, if you are […]

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How to Prepare for Adoption

Written by Cynthia Lauriston on May 28, 2015

How to Prepare for Adoption: Welcoming a New Child into the Family Adopting a child can be one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding experiences of anyone’s life. But no matter how long you have anticipated such a moment, nothing can quite prepare you for that magical event when that warm little bundle of […]

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